June 16 2020


Nioxus UK Opens

Alex Smith named Manager UK Operations


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    The While/Do Looping Structure

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    Cash Flow Planning

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    Reports Plus for Ninox

Nioxus Corporation is proud to announce the acquisition of Lloyds Business Consulting of Birmingham in Central England. Lloyds founder Alex Smith joins Nioxus as General Manager of UK Operations with responsibilities for client service and Ninox solution development.

Alex has an extensive background in the areas of Health & Safety, Engineering, and Manufacturing in addition to a degree in Business, Finance and Marketing. Says Alex "I am dedicated to my work and to bringing professionalism and passion to every project and I'm thrilled to be part of the Nioxus team."


As GM-UK, Alex will be actively involved in providing and supporting Nioxus data, document and decision analytics solutions for clients on both sides of the pond while leading the the growth of the Nioxus brand in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.  Welcome to Nioxus Alex, we're thrilled to welcome you to the Nioxus team.

This Week's Feature Template

Cash Management & Projections


There are over 100 Ninox templates and Data Models available to all Standard, Deluxe and Premier members at Nioxus. Members are never charged for downloads and all applications are unlocked so members can study the code and repurpose it to meet their unique needs. 

  • Scheduled Transactions

    Quickly and easily define cash receipts and disbursements for all future periods

  • Repeat Payments/Receipts

    Schedule repeat transactions by day, week, month, quarter or year with ease

  • Daily Balance Analysis

    Accurately calculate cash balances for any day in the future using the Projection Dashboard

  • Color-Coded Calendar View

    View business transactions and cash balances on a day-by-day basis using the Ninox Calendar


Thursday June 18 @ 12:00 Noon EST

Reports Plus for Ninox

Product Debut

The new Reporting, Dashboard, Visualization & Data Analysis engine for Ninox database users

  • Report Module - See the new reporting engine and how easy it is to create complex reports with simple drag-and-drop design

  • Dashboard Module - Check out all the new visualizations, gauges, KPI indicators and filters

  • Subscription Delivery - Learn how to schedule reports and dashboards for auto-delivery on a recurring schedule.


The While / Do Looping Structure

Of the four different repetitive looping and context evaluation structures in Ninox, only the While/Do Structure can determine its own end point and then go on to adjust that end point with situational awareness.


In this class, learn how to harness the power of the While/Do and then use it for a variety of purposes including building a custom search engine for your custom Ninox application.


Follow along as we study the While/Do looping structure in the Ninox No-Code Database System.

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Nioxus builds technology and service solutions for small, medium and large businesses and enterprises around the world. Our IT Consultants, CPAs, Programmers and Ninox experts take great pride in delivering outstanding service and solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries.


Nioxus Corporation is the oldest and largest Ninox Database partner in the world and the first partner to ever be designated a Premium Partner.

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