October6, 2020


Calendar Plus Version 2 Released

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  • Calendar Editing

    Now you can edit your calendar entries from right inside the calendar. Change the location, attendee list or agenda and your Ninox tables are updated instantly.


    Want to reschedule and appointment? ... Simply drag it to a new date and drop it into place. 


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  • Custom Fields

    Calendar Plus will now capture choice fields that  you have set up in your database. Whether it's Priority or Meeting Type of Attendee Group, you can now customize your calendar just as you can customize your Ninox application.


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  • Deadline Mgt

    Keep track of your deadlines with ease. Popup a list of outstanding actions right inside the calendar. Check off to-do's as they get done and never miss a deadline again.


    Our new Deadlines View makes sure that you to stay up to date and on schedule at all times.


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  • Integrated Email

    Choose to send appointment updates to as many recipients as you like when an event is edited, the day before the event and/or the hour before the event.


    Email addresses in Ninox flow right into Calendar Plus.


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