September 15, 2020


The New Ninox Calendar 

  • Multiple Views

    Over a dozen different calendar views

  • Email Reminders 

    Email attendees event reminders

  • Recurring Events

    Schedule recurring events with ease

  • Deadline Manager

    Keep track of every deadlinme

Multiple Views

Choose from dozens of different views for your calendar. Track events by day, week or month, or by resource, location or priority. It's your choice and you can choose any time.

Recurring Events

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually... Now you can schedule recurring and repeating events with a few clicks of the mouse. And if you need to edit, you can edit one or all.

Email Reminders

Let event attendees know about event changes whenever they happen or just remind them the day before or even the hour before so everyone is on time and in the know.

Deadline Manager

Designate certain events as deadlines and check them off as they are completed. Keep track of all deadlines with a special view so you never miss one again.


Nioxus builds technology and service solutions for small, medium and large businesses and enterprises around the world. Our IT Consultants, CPAs, Programmers and Ninox experts take great pride in delivering outstanding service and solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries.


Nioxus Corporation is the oldest and largest Ninox Database partner in the world and the first partner to ever be designated a Premium Partner.

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