September 22, 2020


The New Ninox Report Writer 

Reports Made Easy

  • Add charts to your reports
  • Report line-items are a breeze
  • WYSIWYG, Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Pull data from multiple tables into one report
  • Query multiple Ninox databases with one click
  • Deliver reports to users without giving them Ninox

Subscriptions & Expressions

Subscribe to the reports you need and have them delivered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually at the exact time of the right day. Users do not need a Ninox license or a Reports Plus license to receive their subscriptions.


Use the built-in expression editor to create simple or complex calculations right inside your report for real time data transformation and analysis.

Check it out Now

Click the button on the right to open up an interactive Ninox dashboard created in Reports Plus and watch Ninox come to life


Nioxus builds technology and service solutions for small, medium and large businesses and enterprises around the world. Our IT Consultants, CPAs, Programmers and Ninox experts take great pride in delivering outstanding service and solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries.


Nioxus Corporation is the oldest and largest Ninox Database partner in the world and the first partner to ever be designated a Premium Partner.

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